Business Intelligence services and solutions tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Beyond BI was found in 2013 by two enterpeneurs with more than 32 years combined Business Intelligence experience.

Beyond BI specializes in professional services, contracting and pre-packaged analysis solutions.

We have a wealth of experience and skills in Mining, Retail, Telecommunications, Utilities, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Banking and more.

Having crossed oceans and exploring the continent of Africa implementing Business Intelligence solutions, we have an in- depth understanding on what drives a successful BI strategy and how to convert that into an empowered business focussed solution.


  • System Architecture and Analysis
  • Business Analyst
  • Installation and Implementation
  • Design and Development
  • User Facilitaton
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Functional Ellipse Consulting
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Certified SAP Training

What do we do?

Beyond BI launched Beyond Analysis Engine for ABB Ellipse EAM. Integrated Business Intelligence for Ellipse.


ABB Ellipse Reporting*, Integration, Extraction and Business Intelligence. (* former Ventyx and Mincom Reporting)

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SAP Professional Services and Certified Training.

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SAPPI - SAP BPC 10.1 is the latest version of the Business Planning and Consolidation product suite from SAP. There are two differentiators – embedded (BW Integrated Planning with multiple data column info cubes) and standard (account based info cubes – one data column info cubes). The embedded version makes use of BW IP (integrated planning) within BW and with the PAK (planning applications kit) utilizes the capability of HANA in memory database which results in multiple performance gains and functionality enhancements of the new release. With our recent BPC 10.1 embedded implementation at SAPPI the true power of the BW integrated planning with FOX code and underlying performance of the HANA database together with the BW 7.4 on HANA improvements, 13 planning models were delivered in just 26 weeks. The consolidation and enhanced reporting capabilities required for bringing their manufacturing planning into a single application, with more powerful integration between multiple applications, resulted that same transaction and master data are driving a single version of the truth between these models e.g. Price, Sales, Production, Costing, Distribution etc.

The current version implemented at Sappi utilizes FOX and ABAP code but you also have the capability to plug into the HANA stored procedures and functions, which in return will even enhance planning processes due to the fact that the “code” is moved to the database level and also utilizing the compression capabilities of the HANA in memory database. This is a summary of one of the success stories with the new BPC 10.1.

Coke a Cola SABCO – data services 4.2 – extraction of data from ECC with ODP data sources into a staging environment and then pushing complex transformed and quality data into MSSQL 2014. Transactional data are loaded every hour on the hour via the changed data capture and delta capabilities and master data every hour on the hour full loads. An example of one of the most complex transformations – 28 detail master data tables transformed into 1 customer dimension adhering to Ralph Kimbals’ star schema approach and also adopting slow changing dimension methodology in order to track customer movement etc. Total development and implementation was done in 4 months with complexity of data structures and transformations

Presented Certified SAP Training for SAP on the follwoing courses:-

  • SAP BW on HANA
  • SAP BW Academy
  • SAP Disclosure Management
  • SAP Business Objects Academy
  • SAP BI Integration
  • SAP BW Query and Analysis
  • SAP BW / BO Integration
  • SAP Data Services

Transnet Corporate – GRC reports on BW 7.3 – standard and custom SAP BW extractions developed and enhancement in order to provide reporting solution via Business Objects Platform in terms of Web Intelligence reports. Complex BEX queries were developed in order to track GRC audit reports, process control reports etc. Development of complex operational Dashboard for GRC processes and tracking of time measured KPI’s. Project development and implementation was done in 3 months

Swaziland Electricity Company - Implementation of Business Objects 4.1 with Data Integrator. Existing XI3.1 content was migrated to 4.1 and optimised. A number of the new tools were implemented to assist business to have an overall view of bueinss performance with the capability of mining and interacting with information. The project was completed in 7 weeks.

Globeleq - Implement JasperSoft iReport and integrate operational reports in Ellipse.

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