Beyond BI Training

Need Training? Beyond BI Training has developed customizable training content for customers. We also provide a cloud base hosting platform where the content can be accessed via secure VPN gateways with encrypted certificates.  The structure and architecture can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premise.  The solution provides a platform for easy deployment of customer content and adoption to specific needs.  With the partnership as preferred trainers with SAP Education, training on SAP products can be provided at SAP Education facilities or Beyond  BI can develop customer specific and focused training methodology on multiple SAP solutions for example BW, BO, HANA, Predictive Analytics, SAP BI and BPC etc.

Beyond BI Skills Training

Beyond BI Skills Training are focusing more on how to ensure effective training on critical skills.  Through customizable web content and exam quizzes critical skills can be assessed to determine training needs or effective hand-over for contingency of operations and deliverables.  Critical Skills poses risks to companies and through the process of mitigating the risk, pro-active identification and adopting the Beyond BI Knowledge Management solution, critical skills are captured into a single integrated platform and easily accessible.  Although knowledge takes time to master and obtain, having the necessary information available and accessible it can provide the base to start.  The solution can be hosted in our cloud platform or on-premise at the customers site.