Beyond BI Knowledge Management

How do we share knowledge in the workplace or any other area of our lives?  Beyond BI has been part of these challenges with multiple customers and software companies regarding training and education and not only within the Business Intelligence or Analytics space but in multiple others areas – functional as well as technical.  Sharing or transferring Knowledge has inspired Beyond BI to create a new initiative that empowers customers, consultants, businesses and any other entities, with a prepackage solution called Beyond BI Knowledge Management. It creates and provide the platform and structure where any user can capture knowledge, definitions, processes, procedures and lots of other content for a business and provide the Business Intelligence on that. In return the structure adopts to the customers’ business processes and procedures and are the future landscape where training evolve.  There is version control, workflow management that provides a glide path or training roadmap with check points through exam quiz to ensure visibility and effectiveness of particular training programs or courses. Another challenge for businesses is onboarding of new employees or skills.  Through our Knowledge Management solution, Beyond BI can help expedite the knowledge transfer, skill base, access to the correct content, introduction training etc.  The solution also provides collaboration and ongoing feedback loops to ensure effectiveness and evolving the content.  We provide Business Intelligence on how Knowledge is managed and gained over time.  The solution can be hosted in our cloud platform or on-premise at the customer’s site